Los Angeles based interior designer Tia Zoldan is best known for a modern classic style with a bohemian edge. Her laid back West-Coast vibe is seen throughout her work, as she combines modern lines with traditional elegance. Raised in Los Angeles, Zoldan credits her Souther California roots as a major influence on her design aesthetic. Her homes are the ultimate reflections of sophistication and playfulness.

Tia studied Art and Anthropology at the University of Arizona, where the beauty of the desert landscape was the perfect subject for her passion for painting and photography. She began her career in store design for J Crew and quickly covered the West Coast region transforming their stores to reflect the company’s iconic image. After many years in store design, Tia left the corporate world for the opportunity to stay home withe her two daughters.

Over the years, she was pulled back into design after helping so many friends and their neighbors decorate their homes. Tia says, “Living in Hancock Park, I am constantly inspired but the beauty and architecture of these historic homes.” In 2004, Tia launched her own residential design firm Zoldan Interiors. Using her own house as a testing ground. Zoldan polished her skills in design, finding a perfect balance of comfort and style.

Her projects ranged from celebrity homes in Hancock Park to beach cottages along the California coast. Tia’s passion and knowledge of color, textiles and furniture is what enables her to create chic homes that epitomize her unique style.